Understanding our key issues

We continuously seek to improve the information we report on, including reviewing material issues to ensure relevance.

Periodically, we formally re-assess our material issues through an extensive process, facilitated by an independent specialist. In the intervening years, including 2018, we conduct an annual management review of our materiality matrix in line with reporting disclosure.

Dexus’s materiality matrix

The issues identified by Dexus and its stakeholders are visually correlated to highlight the influence on stakeholders and their importance to Dexus and the property sector.

We have created a matrix to assist in prioritising the most material issues as the basis for ongoing disclosure. These material issues are a major consideration in the development of our evolving Sustainability Approach.

The material issues align to the key objectives of our sustainability approach and have informed our FY18 and future commitments.

The materiality matrix also informed the material topics that have been included within Dexus’s 2018 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index


2018 GRI Standards material issues index

Dexus's Top 10 material issues reflect priorities for Dexus and its stakeholders and align with GRI Standards requirements and our sustainability approach. 

The material issues are not prioritised, rather organised under the key sustainability objectives.

Dexus’s material issues in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, the United Nations member nations voted to adopt a 2030 agenda for sustainable development; a plan of action to transform our world by 2030 for the benefit of people, the planet and prosperity.

The United Nations has outlined 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that seek to resolve the most pressing issues facing society including extreme poverty, hunger, climate change, with the goal to heal and secure our planet.

We acknowledge that we are part of this collective journey and have mapped our material issues against the broader SDGs to identify those that are most relevant to our activities as an organisation and geographical area of operation.

Material issue arranged by sustainability objective Topic explanation Related sustainable development goals Topic boundary
Sustained value
Financial performance Maintaining strong financial performance over the long term through delivering on strategy 8. Decent work and economic growth Dexus portfolio owned and managed by DXS security holders
Transparency Promoting open communication with investors, supporting Dexus's strong governance principles 16. Peace, justice and strong institutions Dexus platform
Market volatility  Adopting active leasing and asset management strategies to proactively address variable market conditions 8. Decent work and economic growth All properties within the Dexus group portfolio
Future enabled customers
Tenant attraction and retention Enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction and utilising leasing capabilities to attract and retain customers to improve portfolio occupancy

8. Decent work and economic growth

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

11. Sustainable cities and communities

Customers occupying properties within the Dexus group portfolio
Thriving people
Talent attraction and retention Attracting, retaining and developing employees to deliver high performance in a diverse and inclusive workplace

3. Good health and wellbeing

4. Quality education

5. Gender equality

All Dexus employees
Workplace health and safety  Ensuring the safety of employees, customers and suppliers at Dexus properties

3. Good health and wellbeing

All persons occupying or visiting Dexus managed properties
Leading cities
Community contribution Engaging with the community through corporate social responsibility programs and providing spaces servicing the wider community

3. Good health and wellbeing

11. Sustainable cities and communities

15. Life on land

All properties within the Dexus group portfolio
Strong communities
Sustainable procurement and supply chain monitoring Effectively managing supply chain risks in relation to environmental, social and governance issues and identifying opportunities to create value in partnership with suppliers

12. Responsible consumption and production

17. Partnerships for the goals

Suppliers to Dexus across all properties within the Dexus group portfolio
Enriched environment
Climate change impacts Assessing the impact and adopting measures to address the effect of climate change on the property portfolio 13. Climate action All properties within the Dexus group portfolio
Resource efficiency and waste Improving energy and water efficiency and waste management to enhance environmental outcomes, demonstrated through sustainability ratings

6. Clean water and sanitation

7. Affordable and clean energy

12. Responsible consumption and production

All properties within the Dexus group portfolio

Managing risk

A prudent and robust approach to risk management is an essential part of Dexus's ongoing success. There are various risks that could impact the execution of Dexus's strategy and outlook, and the nature and potential impact of these risks can change over time.

Dexus actively reviews and manages risks faced by the group over the short, medium and long term, overseen by the Board Risk Committee.

For further information on Dexus's risk management framework refer to the Operating and Financial Review, the Corporate Governance Statement and the 2018 Annual Report.

Setting business targets and commitments

Corporate responsibility and sustainability is an integral part of our daily business operations. Dexus delivers these responsibilities through measurable actions and within Board and Corporate policies.

Dexus sets measurable performance commitments and targets for each objective within our Sustainability Approach based on these material issues.

Dexus reports progress and results relating to each stakeholder group within the 2018 Annual Report supported by non-financial and operational data supplied in this 2018 Sustainability Performance Pack.

Boundary terms

In this 2018 Sustainability Performance Pack:

  • ‘Dexus’, ‘the group’, ‘Dexus group portfolio’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ refer to Dexus comprising the ASX listed entity (DXS) and the Third Party Funds Management business, unless otherwise stated
  • ‘Dexus portfolio’ relates specifically to the portfolio of properties in the ASX listed entity
  • ‘Funds management portfolio’ relates to properties managed by Dexus on behalf of third party clients

Any reference in this report to a ‘year’ relates to the financial year ended 30 June 2018. All dollar figures are expressed in Australian dollars unless otherwise stated.

Independent assurance

In addition to auditing the Financial Statements, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) provides limited assurance over select environmental and social data metrics within the 2018 Dexus Annual Online Reporting Suite.

Limited assurance has been obtained for the 12 months to 30 June 2018. The Assurance Statement, and associated reporting criteria documents are available within Dexus’s online Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) library.

Dexus's materiality assessment 

Dexus’s materiality assessment encompasses an assessment or management review using a four-stage process:

Review type 1. Identify & align 2. Engage 3. Prioritise 4. Disclose
Materiality Assessment
(every 3 to 5 years)

Research existing and emerging material issues relevant to our business, as identified by:

  • Local and international best practice peers
  • Investment bodies
  • Sustainability benchmarking tools
  • Industry associations
Engage with key stakeholders to identify issues that they considered important to the group. Issues relating to GRI Standards topics as well as other stakeholder issues Engaging topic experts across Dexus to assign an appropriate level of insight on priority on the relative materiality of the issues, prioritising them based on their significance and likely impact to Dexus and our stakeholders Dexus has aligned with the GRI Standards to ensure the structure and content of annual results reporting adequately disclosed materiality issues and performance
Annual Management Review
(intervening years)
Align material issues with Dexus strategic risks and risk management activities, operations, and project initiatives

Review issues arising from engagement (meetings, surveys with customers, investors, and employees).

Review issues arising from industry collaboration and sustainability surveys and benchmarks such as CDP, GRESB, and RobecoSAM

Review and update the priority rating Dexus has assigned to issues and the updated matrix forms the basis of Dexus’s material issues Dexus has aligned with GRI Standards to ensure the structure and content of annual results reporting adequately disclosed materiality issues and performance