People and Culture

1.  Introduction

Dexus recognises the direct relationship between the capability of its people and the success of its business. Dexus’s ability to harness the expertise of its employees and commitment to delivering excellence creates value and builds strong relationships with customers and other stakeholders. This aids long-term growth and success. The most material issues related to Dexus’s workforce are:

  • Diversity and inclusion: An inclusive workplace with a diversity of views is a driver of competitive advantage. Diversity means valuing an individual's race, colour, gender, age, religious belief, ethnicity, cultural background, economic circumstance, human capacity, expression of thought and sexual orientation as well as their experiences, skills and capabilities to create a business environment that encourages a range of perspectives
  • Workplace health and safety: Dexus has a duty of care to employees, as well as investors, customers, agents and the wider community to ensure all work health and safety risks are appropriately managed 
  • Wellbeing: People spend a significant amount of their working time indoors. In addition, mental state, access to quality water and nutritious food, and ability to exercise have profound impacts on people’s health, happiness, productivity and wellbeing. Dexus values its employees and recognises the importance of their health and wellbeing to drive performance
  • Employee engagement and retention: Enthusiastic and engaged employees are most likely to remain at Dexus and contribute positively, leading to better productivity outcomes and lower recruitment costs. Dexus is focused on creating and supporting a culture where employees are engaged and enthusiastic about the business and their professional development 
  • Training and development: Professional development is a core component of recruiting and retaining a talented workforce. Dexus supports the ongoing learning and growth of employees by providing a structured learning and development environment

The boundary for these issues encompasses all Dexus employees and direct contractors across regional offices and site-based teams within the Dexus group portfolio, with impacts felt across employees and their families.

2.  Management objectives and goals

Dexus promotes communication and transparency throughout the business to ensure its people are aware of the goals and outcomes required to deliver the group’s business strategy and progress key objectives.

Dexus’s employee-related goals are to:

  • Develop a high-performance and constructive culture
  • Provide a safe and enjoyable workplace where people are engaged, learning and thriving, and recognised and rewarded for their achievements
  • Enhance Dexus’s industry standing and help deliver sustained value

To deliver these objectives, Dexus has five strategies: 

  1. Foster a diverse and inclusive culture and a safe working environment
  2. Develop great leaders
  3. Design an exceptional employee experience
  4. Enhance the People & Communities function to enable employees to be at their best
  5. Engage, retain and attract the right people    
2.1  Dexus’s commitments and targets

Each year Dexus sets, reviews and updates corporate commitments within its responsible investment framework following input from Dexus stakeholders. Commitments are typically defined with respect to each of five Sustainability Approach objectives and are approved by the Board.

Refer to the 2018 Annual Online Reporting Suite for details of FY18 achievements against current commitments and forward-looking FY19 commitments.

Dexus is committed to building a unique culture and set of organisational and people capabilities that differentiates it from its peers. Dexus evaluates success in meeting this commitment to customers, employees and investors, by consistently outperforming global industry benchmarks in employee sustainable engagement. Dexus is dedicated to providing a safe work and healthy environment and has committed to a target of zero fatalities.

3.  Management approach

Employee management is delivered by the People & Communities and Risk and Compliance teams. The People & Communities team coordinates the attraction, recruitment, training and development, welfare management, engagement, inclusion and satisfaction of employees. The Risk and Compliance team oversees employee-related policies and the compliance management framework which maintains an ethical workplace free from harassment, bullying, bribery and corruption.

Dexus applies the following structure and approach to managing its employees:

People and Culture related governance

Dexus Board

Board People & Remuneration Committee

Group Management Committee

Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Diversity Committee

 Chief Financial Officer General Counsel and Company Secretary
 People and Communities team Risk and Compliance team
 Management approach
 Sustainability Approach People and Culture strategy Dexus Values
Employee Code of Conduct | Diversity and Inclusion Principles | Work Health, Safety and Liability |
Whistleblower | Training and Education | Workplace Behaviour | Leave | Domestic Violence Leave |
Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy
Business procedures
People and Culture  Communities Risk and Compliance
  • Employee engagement and experience
  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent management 
  • Learning and development
  • Reward and recognition
  • Culture management
  • Wellbeing communities
  • Business excellence
  • Health and safety management system
Monitor and measure

4.  Management framework

4.1  Sustainability Approach

Dexus's Sustainability Approach incorporates the UNPRI ‘six principles’ relating to responsible investment and active property management. The approach is aligned with Dexus’s corporate strategy through its overarching goal “to create Sustained Value by adopting an approach that embraces connectivity, liveability and resilience, and is integrated across its value chain.”

This framework incorporates five objectives which describe the goals or Dexus’s stakeholder groups, while the three themes are a frame of reference for initiatives and programs.

CRS approachKey themes:

  • Connectivity - using technology to enable connectivity between people and places and smart operations of Dexus's business and buildings
  • Liveability - creating vibrant, inspiring and flexible work places which enhance productivity and foster the well-being of employees and customers
  • Resilience - increasing resilience so that buildings and spaces are adaptive and customers and Dexus can prosper long term

Together, the three themes and five objectives form the basis from which sustainability commitments and targets are formed, and how achievement is measured.

The Dexus People and Communities team works for the benefit of employees as part of the group’s Thriving People objective.

4.2  People and Culture strategy

The Dexus People and Culture strategy is to:

  1. Create a great place to work where people are engaged, learning and thriving 
  2. Build a high performing and constructive culture by attracting, engaging and retaining the best people 
  3. Foster an inclusive workplace environment by leveraging workforce diversity, and designing exceptional employee experiences to enable employees to be at their best
  4. Create and align the Dexus workforce to deliver business strategy and achieve business outcomes

The Group Management Committee is the leadership team responsible for delivering this strategic direction. The Chief Financial Officer has overall operational accountability for Dexus's employment, labour management, training and education policies.

4.3  Dexus’s values

Dexus’s Values define the approach it takes to doing business. They underpin the group’s high-performance culture and provide employees with a common focus, understanding and language for the individual and team behaviours that are valued most.

  1. Excellence: Doing a great job
  2. Integrity: Doing the right thing
  3. Empowerment: Enabling others
  4. Innovation: Thinking differently
  5. Collaboration: Working and growing together

5.  Implementing our management approach

5.1  Policies and procedures

Dexus policies guide employees through workplace issues. These policies include:

  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Human Rights Policy
  • Diversity and Inclusion Principles
  • Workplace Behaviour Policy
  • Flexibility Policy
  • Training and Education Policy
  • Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy
  • Press and Media Policy
  • Work Health, Safety and Liability Statement
  • Whistleblower Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Security Trading Policy

Refer to the Dexus website for publicly available Board and Corporate policies.

These policies describe Dexus’s position and guide employees on their conduct and behaviour relating to workplace behaviour, health and safety, discrimination, harassment, bullying and victimisation, drugs and alcohol consumption, civic duty, community engagement and volunteering, and counselling and employee advisory support.

Dexus’s intranet provides additional guidance to employees about the use of policies, process workflows, escalation processes and governance structures. Within Dexus’s compliance program, employees are periodically assessed for their knowledge of these policies.

Dexus welcomes new employees through an onboarding process which includes a Starter Pack to assist them to settle into their role, and compliance training to help them to understand group policies and procedures. New employees are also:

  • Inducted to Dexus strategy, values, policies and practices through a workflow management system designed to optimise the employee and manager experience 
  • Required to attend induction training facilitated by People and Communities
  • Welcomed by their team members and their profile is socialised via the Dexus intranet

5.2  Diversity and Inclusion

Dexus’s diversity and Inclusion (D&I) vision is to foster an inclusive and constructive culture, which enables its people to leverage diversity as a strategic business advantage and feel safe to be themselves to work.

To achieve this vision, Dexus is committed to attracting and retaining a diverse workforce that is tolerant, flexible and adaptive to the changing needs of the environment. This aligns with corporate strategy and sustainability objective of thriving people.

Dexus’s D&I framework describe the stakeholders for whom it collaborates to deliver diversity initiatives, as well as the levers used to drive positive change. This approach applies to Dexus employees as well as the Board.

Diversity and inclusion framework
Focus areas: 
  • Demographic groups or initiatives requiring priority attention
Strategic Levers:
  • Organisational characteristics available to drive positive change in priority D&I areas
External Stakeholders & Partners:
  • External groups impacted by Dexus D&I outcomes including customers, investors, partners and the community. Progress toward D&I objectives creates shared value for Dexus and its stakeholders
Strategy, Policy and Plans:
  • Outlines the short and long-term objectives for D&I at Dexus. Annual D&I plans set out priority initiatives and targets to achieve objectives

Dexus’s Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion and Diversity Committee is chaired by the CEO to promote workforce diversity and to further the group’s community commitment. The Committee oversees Dexus’s corporate responsibility programs and leads inclusion and diversity activities.

The Board sets diversity targets and monitors progress against these targets through the People & Remuneration Committee.

Dexus frequently engages with employees to get their views on promoting and managing diversity. Policies and practices with diversity principles include the Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Policy, Flexibility Policy, Recruitment Compliance Policy, reward and recognition programs, talent management processes, learning and development programs, work-life balance and flexible work practices. These policies and processes are reviewed annually.

Dexus recruits based on merit, so that the most appropriately qualified and experienced person is employed for each role. Dexus does not tolerate discriminatory behaviour in recruitment or people management processes and practices. All managers involved in recruitment and selection processes are appropriately supported and trained. Professional intermediaries are also made aware of the group’s diversity commitment where they are retained.

Dexus reports quarterly workforce demographics on the diversity profile of the Board and senior management and of staff. This includes a breakdown of role type and seniority by gender and age, along of other demographic areas available for reporting from employee opinion surveys as available.

Diversity and inclusion strategy

Dexus has developed a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy that looks to embrace diversity on the basis of gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, education, style, work experience, family responsibilities, profession and personality. These differences all influence the unique perspectives that Dexus employees bring to the workplace.

Dexus recognises that an inclusive and diverse workforce will enable it to attract and retain the best people. The Dexus Diversity and Inclusion Strategy aims to sustain an engaged, healthy, and high performing culture that enables Dexus employees to reach their full potential.

 Diversity equality is a business and cultural norm
Employee Customers Community
  • Foster an inclusive culture
  • Recognise the unique needs of employees
  • Empower employees to use diverse talents
  • Use diversity to achieve high performing culture
  • Differentiate Dexus from competitors
  • Enable delivery of outstanding results and service
  • Ensure Dexus’s population is demographically diverse and reflects the communities we operate
Management Approach
Dimensions Levers Processes
  • Gender
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Ethnicity and culture
  • Sexual orientation
  • Age and generation
  • Indigenous Culture
  • Person with a disability
  • Talent pipeline
  • Pay equity
  • Leadership
  • Inclusive culture
  • Recruitment
  • Training and development
  • Job design and flexible workforce
  • Strategies, policies and procedures
  • Measurement and monitoring
  • Research, understanding, debate
  • Events, campaigns, awareness raising
  • Policies, procedures, programs and training
  • Workforce and recruiting
  • Customer and supply chain
  • Public commitment

Dexus undertakes the following initiatives to enhance inclusion, strive for equality and equity, and assist employees in maintaining effective work-life balance:

Initiative Approach
Gender equality and pay equity

Male champions of change

  • Darren Steinberg, Chief Executive Officer, champions gender equity with the property industry as part of the Male Champions of Change program
  • Darren is actively involved with other property CEO’s to drive gender equality and increase female representation at senior levels 
  • Dexus is encouraging gender balanced forums and panels for internal and external events, as well as encouraging Dexus’s external partners, suppliers and conference organisers to adopt Dexus’s approach

Gender diversity targets

  • Dexus’s diversity commitment includes establishing measurable diversity objectives. Dexus achieved its initial gender targets for 33% female participation by Non-Executive Directors and at senior management level by 2017
  • Dexus has set a new gender equity target of 40/40/20 (40%female, 40% male and 20% either/other) in senior management roles by 30 June 2021

Pay parity

  • Dexus is committed to closing the pay gap between males and females and has achieved equal pay in like-for-like roles

Paid parental leave

  • Dexus supports new parents and through its Parental Leave Policy 
  • Dexus provides paid parental leave and continuity of superannuation throughout unpaid parental leave to assist employees to manage their personal and work commitments. Dexus also supports a smooth transition from full-time parenting to returning to work, either part-time or full-time

Girls in property

  • Dexus launched ‘Building a Future in Property’ a property career expo targeting women interested in working for the property industry alongside industry peers
  • Dexus supported the Property Council of Australia’s campaign to raise awareness and encourage greater female participation in the property industry to foster a sustainable pipeline of talent for the growing industry

Dexus Circles

  • Dexus Circles are a networking opportunity that allows people from across the business to meet and share experiences, ideas and to problem solve in a friendly, encouraging and respectful environment

Wellbeing communities

  • Internally, Dexus has established six “Wellbeing Communities” to research, decide and implement employee programs         

Harmony Day

  • Dexus celebrates cultural diversity on Harmony Day which coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination


  • NAIDOC Week is celebrated annually to remember and recognise the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Dexus participated in the Share-A-Book program where books are donated to indigenous, refugee and marginalised communities
Employee assistance

Flexible working

  • Dexus strives to create a work environment which encourages and promotes a healthy work-life balance and offers flexible working hours to support this
  • Dexus has introduced a Flexible Work Policy, enabling staff to arrange flexible working arrangements with their manager
  • This policy seeks to increase personal wellbeing and employee engagement, improve team performance and motivation, maximise productivity and retain talent             

Childcare placement

  • Childspace is an industry first initiative that offers priority of access to childcare spaces for Dexus customers and employees at over 90 Guardian Early Learning Centres nationally               

Acting on domestic violence

  • Dexus promotes awareness of domestic violence and its impacts on victim’s health and safety, their wellbeing and their productivity
  • Dexus has introduced a Domestic Violence Leave Policy, to provide Domestic Violence leave and the Employee Assistance Program to employees who need help to break these patterns of behaviour
  • Dexus supports White Ribbon Day, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women           

Employee assistance program

  • Dexus provides a confidential counselling service for employees and their eligible family members

5.3     Workplace health, safety and wellbeing

Health and safety

The group’s Work Health, Safety and Liability (WHS&L) policy governs the health and safety of employees, investors, customers and the community. The policy governs the development, management and monitoring of tailored WHS&L risk management systems, training of personnel, and designation of responsibilities and resources to meet program obligations. It also governs the group’s Return to Work policy for injured employees, and monitoring, evaluation and reporting of Dexus’s WHS&L performance.

Dexus implements a comprehensive workplace health and safety program that is certified under OHSAS 18001, an internationally applied standard for occupational health and safety management systems. Through this system, Dexus comprehensively monitors the health and wellbeing of employees and manages solutions to prevent workplace incidents. Dexus’s support goes beyond minimum compliance and reflects the group’s commitment to employee wellbeing. Dexus provides structured counselling and employee advisory services to support employees and manage mental health issues.

Health and safety programs are subject to annual external audit and improvement plans are monitored by the Risk and Compliance team and the employee Work Health Safety and Environment Committee. Health, Safety and Environment are also overseen by the Board Risk Committee and the Board.

To maintain Dexus’s strong risk, safety and organisational culture Dexus has embedded WH&S into the Group’s scorecard through a safety audit score and standing target of zero fatalities.


Dexus recognises the impact a person’s time at work can have on their lifestyle and aspires for its people to be fit, healthy and engaged. To make a positive and lasting impact on Dexus employees’ lives, Dexus established Wellbeing communities to:

  • Develop healthier minds and bodies
  • Create an inclusive and diverse culture
  • Build sustainable workspaces for the future
  • Enhance professional capabilities

The Wellbeing Community Framework is centred around wellbeing communities led by people from all levels and locations across Dexus, who are empowered to make positive changes in the key areas of:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Mind, Body & Nutrition 
  • Workplace & Social
  • Professional Development
  • Employee Benefits and Recognition
  • Corporate Responsibility

Enthusiastic committee members coordinate many wellbeing initiatives (Fitbit challenges, educational speakers), including Wellbeing and Safety Month, dedicated to promoting wellbeing and safety respectively in the workplace. Events have included presentations by a nutritionist on healthy eating and a chiropractor on spinal health, postural screenings and health checks. #chatdexus was developed as an interactive online platform enabling employees to collaborate, share ideas, knowledge and tips in an open forum. The platform provides:

  • An efficient and strong avenue to engage with the business
  • Provide a channel for staff to connect with each other on customer events and across all locations
  • Increase awareness of group-wide initiatives, promote successes and increase interest in Wellbeing Communities

5.4  Training and professional development

Dexus designs and implements a comprehensive learning and development curriculum to build employees’ skills, knowledge and experience to deliver business objectives. The Training and Education Policy outlines the framework for training employees with a focus on:

  • Ensuring that employees maintain the necessary knowledge, skills and experience required to perform their job functions and responsibilities fairly, honestly and efficiently
  • Developing new knowledge and skills, to foster innovation and to grow employees’ capabilities
  • Updating knowledge and skills for changes to legislation, regulatory policies and standards, company policies and procedures, economic and financial developments, new products and new market practices
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant industry training standards and qualifications
  • Increasing awareness of Dexus's Compliance policies and expectations relating to ethics and integrity

Managers undertake skills gap assessments for each employee to ensure they have the necessary capacity, competence, knowledge, training, seniority and skills to perform their role.

Training and development plans are prepared and implemented to maintain and update employee skills and knowledge. Activities include executive coaching, a mentoring program, study assistance and a talent management process designed to foster employee development. Dexus also sponsors several employees to complete their undergraduate and postgraduate courses, management and vocational qualifications.

Training activities also extend to developing the capabilities of the group’s partner providers, including onsite training of facilities management teams in the operation of enhanced building management systems and customer service.

5.5  Leadership development

Dexus conducts leadership development programs to enhance the capabilities of management and to drive commercial and cultural change. The Dexus leadership program includes individualised development plans that target improvement in specific behaviours, skills and knowledge, along with experiences to enable success in role.

An online performance management system is used to manage and improve leadership abilities of managers and facilitate employee self-development. People managers participate in Dexus Management Essentials, which equips new leaders to meet team leadership and role responsibility challenges.
Directors attend facilitated education and training events to meet their Continuing Professional Development requirements and contribute to their obligations set by the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

5.6  Employee attraction and retention

Attraction, engagement and retention of employees is an integrated and continuous process. The Group Management Committee implements the talent management process and the People & Remuneration Committee oversees this process.

Dexus’s recruitment model incorporates the following aspects:

  • Promoting opportunities internally first to aid career development and retention 
  • Utilising advanced recruitment technology to support an enhanced best practice recruitment process
  • Operating a careers website to capture talent pools for key job segments

This model provides an efficient way to access to a diverse range of talent pools, enabling the group to attract the best people effectively.

Employee benefits

The Employee Benefits and Recognition community surveyed employees to understand what motivates them and what they value. The feedback showed that people value time, flexibility, and health and wellbeing. In response Dexus has introduced the following benefits:

  • Wellbeing Subsidy is a monthly allowance included in the monthly sum to put towards wellbeing activities
  • Five ‘Dexus Days’, available as additional leave, is provided each year to enhance work-life balance

These supplement existing benefits such as:

  • Flexible work arrangements to assist employees achieve a genuine balance between work, health, family and personal commitments
  • Employee Securities Ownership Plan where permanent employees are gifted with $1000 worth of Dexus securities each year
  • Subsidised life and disablement insurance
  • Deals and discounts through partnerships such as Divvy and GoGet
  • Volunteer day is a paid day each year to provide employees with the opportunity to give back to their community of choice

5.7  Employee performance management

Employees undertake ongoing check-ins with their managers to:

  • Evaluate progress against targets and objectives
  • Agree with their manager on targets and objectives
  • Agree on a personal development plan 
  • Discuss personal flexibility needs

Dexus adopts a Balanced Scorecard methodology to manage executive and employee performance. These measure contribution and achievements against threshold as well as stretch and outperformance targets. Scorecards also motivate all leaders and employees to strive for outperformance with their teams.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are agreed with each employee in collaboration with their manager, to provide a measurable yardstick against actual performance. KPIs vary for each employee depending on their role. However, all employees’ KPIs include a subset which aligns with organisational goals and values.

Teams develop scorecards of objectives with associated measures to align with the overall company objectives. The Team scorecards are monitored and updated as priorities change.

5.8  Reward and recognition

Dexus recognises and rewards employees who contribute to the success and growth of the organisation. Dexus's remuneration structure is based on:

  • Market competitiveness 
  • Alignment of performance payments with the achievement of financial and operational objectives that support the group’s risk framework and values-based culture
  • A targeted mix of remuneration components including immediate performance payments and deferred performance payments linked to returns over the longer term

The Board People & Remuneration Committee reviews trends in employee reward structures and strategies in other comparable companies. The annual employee remuneration review considers gender pay gaps to maintain gender pay equity.

5.9  Human rights, fair work and management of grievances

Dexus respects the principles incorporated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Dexus supports the rights of employees, contractors, customers, investors and suppliers to freedom of expression, sexual belief and sexual orientation and gender identify.

Dexus rejects the use of forced or child labour and strives for fair treatment and equity in the workplace. Dexus’s Human Rights policy outlines commitments to sustainable procurement, indigenous rights, equal opportunity and relevant legislation. Dexus reviews and monitors human rights against the policy internally and with key service providers and business partners.

Human rights due diligence

The People and Culture team utilise a human rights due diligence process outlined in the People and Culture manual during the onboarding process as part of assessing human rights violation risks in Dexus’s operations. The process includes an identity check and visa status and outcomes of the due diligence process influence Dexus’s hiring decision. Any material issues such as a candidate’s inability to evidence their right to work will lead to the abandonment of potential employment.
Dexus has a human right training module as part of ongoing compliance training. The People and Culture team conducts ongoing pulse surveys to identify any maltreatment of staff and regularly reviews the visa status to confirm employees right to work status in accordance with Australian law.

The People and Culture team conduct a quarterly assessment to proactively respond to emerging issues such as:

  • Addressing the gap in superannuation to women due to taking parental leave
  • Review of policies and support systems available to employees suffering from domestic violence
  • Providing services and support systems to employees suffering from mental health illness

Dexus conducts exit surveys for staff that move on from Dexus. Dexus uses demographic assessments and company structure to determine if there may be any underlying cultural reason contributing to the exiting of staff.

Employee grievance procedure

Dexus aims to have a workplace in which employees can raise genuine grievances and have those grievances dealt with in a sensitive and timely manner. A grievance includes any type of work related concern which an employee may have, including concerns about discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying.

Dexus’s grievance process emphasises conciliation to ensure that inappropriate and unlawful practices cease, and employees return to a positive work environment.

If an employee raises a grievance in good faith or participates in an investigation in connection with a grievance, they will not be the subject of retaliation or be subjected to any detriment because of their involvement in the grievance.

It is Dexus’s preference to resolve grievances informally. However, more formal steps may be used to resolve a grievance in certain circumstances, including where:

  • An informal process has not resolved the grievance
  • The allegations are regarded by Dexus as being particularly serious, or
  • Dexus considers a formal process to be appropriate

A formal process will generally involve an investigation being conducted in a manner that Dexus considers appropriate. It is envisaged that most investigations will be conducted internally however, an external investigator may be appointed.

Whistleblower Policy

To maintain a positive and productive work environment, Dexus has implemented a Whistleblower program.

An important part of the Program is the open and honest discussion of ethical issues. Dexus encourages employees to raise problems with their Manager. Should this not be possible for any reason, employees are encouraged to raise their concerns of possible breaches of law or procedure, irregularity, compliance issue, ethical issue or anything else considered of concern with Risk & Compliance, People & Communities or Statutory Auditors.

Dexus has also appointed an independent disclosure management service provider, Your-Call, to enable employees to report securely, anonymously and confidentially information about dishonesty, fraud, unsafe environments, unethical and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

6. Stakeholder engagement

Dexus engages with stakeholders to evaluate the effectiveness of its employee management and identify areas for improvement.

Stakeholder Engagement approach

Government and industry

Dexus is a member and contributor to various industry associations. Memberships that support Dexus’s People and Culture objectives include:

  • Property Council of Australia – Property Male Champions of Change, to drive gender equality, and 100 Women in Property is a program in which the participants have a sponsor that assist grow the participants industry networks, gain visibility and advocate with key influencers to enhance future opportunities and career growth
  • Diversity Council of Australia

Dexus conducts workforce reporting for:

  • Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA), which includes Dexus’s ongoing diversity commitments

Dexus employees are encouraged to attend networking opportunities, particularly those events hosted by organisations Dexus has memberships or affiliations.         

Charities and not-for-profit organisations

  • Dexus Wellbeing communities organise events and initiatives to support and raise awareness of not-for-profit charities
  • Dexus utilises the intranet, email campaigns and the concierge services to encourage people to contribute to fundraising activities
  • Dexus organises events to encourage an inclusive and diverse workforce

Suppliers - Corporate procurement

Dexus engages with like-minded suppliers on sustainability and wellbeing issues and practices.

Dexus engages with its corporate suppliers to select products that align with Dexus’s Sustainability Approach. Engagements include:

  • Partnerships for wellbeing products and services
  • Vending machines that align with WELL principles
  • Substitution towards sustainable stationary supplies e.g. NCOS certified paper
  • Waste to landfill reduction initiatives e.g. espresso pod recycling, keep cups provided to all employees and simply cups recycling

Suppliers - Training and development

Dexus engages subject matter experts to perform keynote speeches, lead professional development training, and consults with employees one-on-one. Engagements include:

  • Resilience Lunch and Learns
  • First Aid training
  • Smart Work training
  • Management Essentials (Coaching Clinic)
  • Remarkable communications
  • Inclusive Leadership


Dexus engages with staff through a variety of forums including:

  • Staff quarterly updates
  • Company presentations during events such as Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week, Wellbeing Month, Sustainability Week, RUOK? Day and Diamond Week
  • Team Updates
  • The intranet, including Dexus Live, #chatdexus and employee recognition
  • Email Communications
  • Workday, an online human resources management system, administered by the People and Culture team for employees to update personal details, access payslips, apply for leave, and action HR processes

Dexus assesses employee engagement and culture through:

  • Biannual employee engagement surveys
  • Employee culture surveys
  • Pulse surveys
  • Focus groups
  • General Management Committee lunches

Survey results are communicated to the business and teams, with management and their teams working with the Business Excellence and Innovation team to adopt solutions to drive improvements to the work environment.

Workers Health and Safety is of utmost priority to Dexus. Dexus ensures its staff and visitors have a safe working environment through the following ways:

  • Biannual WHS Workplace Audits
  • Regular review and monitoring of compliance with Dexus Corporate Work Health, Safety and Environment (WHS&E) Manual
  • Accessible online guidelines on work health safety and environment procedures
  • Periskope internal property risk management tool through which staff can review audit reports, log and escalate issues and inform the Risk and Compliance team 
  • Regular indoor environment quality monitoring
  • Direct access to nominated First Aid Officers

7. Evaluation and process improvement

Dexus’s employee management strategy outlines the following measures of success:

  • Dexus’s great culture and people are recognised externally
  • The right people want to work for Dexus and build their careers
  • The culture drives performance and is aligned to investor and stakeholder needs

Dexus regularly evaluates its overall strategy and employs several mechanisms to monitor performance against strategic objectives, report progress to the Group Management Committee, and drive continuous improvements.

Dexus measures performance via the following key performance indicators. Dexus sets annual targets for employee performance to drive continuous improvement.

Material issue Objective KPI

Culture and engagement

Inclusive work culture
  • Workforce perception of inclusiveness
Flexible workforce
  • Workforce perception of flexibility
Employee engagement
  • Engagement rate


Gender diversity
  • Proportion of female senior management
  • Proportion of female directors
Sector's best in gender diversity
  • WGEA Employer of Choice
  • Performance in industry benchmarks
Gender pay parity
  • Gender pay gap in like-for-like roles

Employment brand

Improve brand recognition
  • NPS

Work Health and Safety

Maintain a safety culture
  • WH&S metrics (e.g. lost time injury frequency rate, medical treatment injury frequency rate, fatalities)