Preparing our customers for the future through enabling flexibility, productivity and growth

Being in a Dexus building is a partnership. We listen, to learn and understand our customers to provide them with the beast workplace solutions.

Our customer-centric approach aims to build strong, long-term relationships and ultimately drive mutual value.

Our customer service commitment

Our dedication to deliver customer satisfaction and engagement and drive performance, starts with our Customer Promise to:

  • Listen, understand and respond to customer needs
  • Make things ‘simple and easy’
  • Innovate to enrich customer experience

These customer promises drive the way in which Dexus operates, contributing to the goal of being a workspace partner of choice.

Enabling our customers

Dexus works closely with customers to improve their sustainability awareness and performance as well as delivering new products and services to improve customer experience and wellbeing.

We have developed a customer experience offering known as Workspace Dexus that has been designed to support our customers’ productivity and enhance the engagement of their teams. Workspace Dexus offers a range of products and services that add value to our customers’ businesses, helping them to feel more connected to their workplace by providing convenient and accessible options.

This year, we enhanced Workspace Dexus with the launch of Wellplace to sit alongside other offerings including Childspace, carparking solutions and Dexus Place.

Wellplace caters for the growing wellbeing trend in the workplace, providing a suite of health and wellbeing services and amenities. Read more about Wellplace below.

Engaging with customers

In keeping with our customer promise, we actively work each day to enrich the customer experience, celebrate key events, community causes, or to simply say thank you.

Collaborating to support communities and charities

Across our managed retail portfolio, we have established strong partnership opportunities for new customers.

Across our retail centres, this year we launched a landmark community donations program, ‘Big Change for Small Change”, to raise funds to support children’s health by donating to hospitals and health facilities in the communities associated with each local centre.

We received an outstanding response from our retailers, local community organisations, media partners and suppliers, together contributing over $380,000 in-kind value.

Delivering FY18 future enabled customers commitments

 = Achieved   = Not Achieved   = Underway

Commitment Status FY18 achievements
Expand our customer offering to include products and services that enable our customers to respond to the dynamically evolving workplace Expanded our customer offering with the launch of SuiteX, a new type of flexible workspace, and five new products/services, enabling our customers to respond to an evolving workplace
Create tenant communities within and around our buildings through the implementation of more than 100 initiatives each year across our office portfolio, with experiences focused on wellbeing Brought together customer communities within and around our buildings through the hosting of more than 700 wellness events with a focus on wellbeing
Adopt smart building technology at the 100 Mount Street, North Sydney development and within office retrofits to create flexible and adaptable buildings that improve the connectivity and experience for our customers Defined a smart building blueprint for 100 Mount Street, North Sydney and, by establishing key partnerships, implemented technologies that support the new flexible and adaptable workspace product, SuiteX

 Refer to the 2018 Dexus Annual Report for more information.

Retail: QV acknowledges retailer success

Each year QV Melbourne hosts an awards evening to acknowledge reward outstanding performance from retailers over the past 12 months. This year's event was the most successful to date, with over $4,000 in prizes donated for the evening and almost 100 retailers attending. 

The evening helps the team at QV create a sense of community among the retailers and Centre Management, and resulted in an uptake of retailers seeking involvement in upcoming marketing campaigns.

Smithfield Centre opens new Event Cinemas

In September, Smithfield Centre celebrated the completion of Stage One of its $30 million development that will transform the centre with the addition of a cinema and casual dining precinct.

The new cinema complex provides a long-anticipated boost to the entertainment offerings in Cairns and to the residents of the northern beaches area who currently do not have access to a local cinema.

Working with customers to reduce waste

Australia generates 48 million tonnes of waste per year, placing it as one of the highest waste producers per capita in the world1. As a manager of more than 130 office and industrial properties across Australia, Dexus investigated recycling opportunities to promote awareness and reduce waste across its portfolio.

Dexus supported the NSW Environment Protection Authority Bin Trim program to encourage businesses to increase recycling and reduce waste costs and embarked on a tenancy Bin Trim waste assessment at over 14 sites in NSW.

At Gateway in Sydney, bin infrastructure was upgraded on all 47 floors utilising a funding grant to help pay for an additional 215 yellow mixed recycling bins.
At 56 Pitt Street in Sydney, customers were provided with free mixed recycling bins and a centralised three bin system was installed in each tenancy.

At 141 Walker Street in North Sydney, all customer tenancies were upgraded to a centralised three bin system and under-the-desk bins were eliminated.

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Industrial: Regents Park hosts social barbeque

The industrial team at Regents Pack hosted a BBQ lunch for customers at the estate, with around 200 attendees enjoying the opportunity to network in the relaxed event.

Office: 480 Queen Street garden party

In September 2017, the customer service team at 480 Queen Street, Brisbane hosted a spring garden party for customers. The city turned on a beautiful afternoon for the event, held at Hobbs Park on level 4.

The party was an opportunity for customers to network and raise money for Daffodil Day and Wear it Purple, with $500 raised on the day.

Over 100 customers attended the event, enjoying lawn games, live music, and a delicious spread of free food and drinks.

Many took advantage of the sunshine and kicked off their weekend early, listening to the chilled tunes provided by City Sounds.

RSPCA comes to visit

In one of our most enjoyable – and successful – community undertakings, we teamed up with RSPCA Australia to assist with its campaign, “Clear the Shelters”, aimed at finding new homes for sheltered animals.

With many shelters over capacity across the nation, we invited the RSPCA to bring rescued puppies to several of our buildings.

In addition to having the opportunity to cuddle up to one of the puppies, customers were also enticed with free gelato at several of the events.
Every puppy brought to our buildings has now been adopted, with the program raising $3,500 for animal welfare to date.

Building in wellbeing

We believe a truly sustainable building not only addresses the environmental impact, but also the social impact on its community. That’s why Wellness is an important inclusion in our customer offer.

In our buildings, we consider the health, wellbeing and experience of our customers as a way of impacting organisational culture, engagement and productivity. Dexus recognises its important role in enhancing the health and wellbeing of our customers, with industry trends towards healthy living and evidence-based research demonstrating the costs of ill-health to corporate productivity.

We have listened to our customers that have identified health and wellbeing as the highest importance to them and their business.

Continuing to build on our momentum in this area, this year we introduced Wellplace to our customers, with the goal of creating healthy, enriched, productive communities.

Wellplace provides a suite of health and wellbeing services and amenities within our buildings that can be accessed across our building community portals.

This includes integrating fitness into office life by providing quality end of trip facilities, including bicycle storage and group fitness, yoga and Pilates classes.

We have partnered with Sydney City, F45, A Healthy View and Urban Flow to provide our customers with discounts to memberships and programs.

Wellplace makes it possible for customer of all sizes to offer their employees the same services that have often only been available for large organisations.

In addition, embracing Wellness enables us to attract and retain high quality customers and maximise financial performance through lower vacancy rates and higher rents.  

Recognising that the features of the built environment and access to information can positively affect mood, sleep, stress levels and mental health Encouraging physical activity, thus helping to combat obesity and other chronic diseases and improve wellbeing Increasing access to health food options and education on nutrition, enabling people to make more informed dietary choices Providing opportunities for people to give back, through charitable giving, community engagement, place making and community partnership Maximising the occupant wellbeing through a healthy work environment
Wellplace features 
Wellplace enhances the health and wellbeing of our customers by providing simple and easy access to a suite of health and wellbeing services, offerings and amenities within the building and across our community building portals. 
Health & Fitness Classes Activate Health Clinics Onsite Amenities Wellness Vending Machines Wellness Library NABERS
Complimentary boot camp, yoga and Pilates classes Including nutritional programs, physiotherapy and cooking classes End of trip facilities and wellness rooms Filled with bike tools, toiletries and healthy snacks Online resources to strengthen mind and body delivered through our community portals Indoor Environment Ratings

Customer insights

We value our customers’ opinions and actively engage to assess customer satisfaction levels, gather feedback on our performance, and gain insights to drive innovation.

Dexus has conducted annual customer surveys since 2013. This year we transitioned to a new survey platform to provide better feedback and improved analytics capabilities.

The aim of this research is to drive customer improvements and monitor the impact of initiatives.

The quality of our customer experience is reflected in our strong customer engagement and feedback results.

Our ability to help customers and provide them assistance when they need us most is what drove our strong performance.

Our FY18 annual customer survey was conducted online with over 2,100 customers invited to respond. The overall satisfaction score improved to 8.3 out of 10 across a participation rate of 46%.

Satisfaction scores improved by +0.3 among office customers and +0.2 for industrial customers. The overall Net Promoter Score (NPS) has also seen an  improvement (+31 to +32).

Feedback shows that responding to customers is what drives their high levels of satisfaction. Overall, customers rated Dexus highest for acting with integrity and communicating effectively.

In addition, each year we take the opportunity to walk in our customers’ shoes, as mystery Shoppers within our buildings. The Mystery Shopper program looks at performance across key public areas to anonymously assess performance across:

  • External appearance including façade, entrances and lobbies, and car parks
  • Interior areas such in lobbies, foyers, seating areas and elevators 
  • Interaction with concierge, security and cleaning personnel
  • Building facilities including end of trip, bathrooms, and retail tenancies

Detailed insights are gathered which provide valuable, independent feedback to facilities management on the day-to-day experience our customers receive. This years’ results were strong, with positive improvement shown at an overall portfolio level.

Simple and easy customer relationships

Our ‘simple and easy’ lease simplifies negotiations and adopts a common-sense approach centred on creating a partnership rather than a confrontational contract.

We have embedded ‘green leasing’ within our new precedent lease and encourage customers to collaborate with Dexus on integrating sustainability within their buildings.

In FY18, 91% of new leases included a green lease clause, an improvement of 7% on the prior year.

Creating communities that go beyond the physical space

Technology is impacting the way our customers work. Whether they are small businesses or major corporations, our customers want spaces that support productivity, collaboration and engagement.

Dexus tracks the latest workspace trends and is responding to increasing preferences for ‘plug and play’ and ‘work anywhere’ environments. Last year we formed a team dedicated to exploring and adopting innovation in this domain.

Recognising our customers have an increasing desire for flexibility, we've created flexible working solution – SuiteX - with demountable intertenancy walls and shared common spaces.

The fitout has been designed to be highly reusable and can change quickly as customers’ space requirements change.

A ‘smart building’ provides solutions that improve the occupants’ quality of life not simply through gadgets or smart devices, but by using carefully selected, efficient and flexible technology. When used well, building technology can both connect and enable its occupants.

We are embedding sophisticated technologies into the fabric of our buildings to not only future proof their performance by improving their quality and long-term appeal, but to create smart buildings of the future.

100 Mount Street, North Sydney - under development

Our smart building blueprint will be rolled out at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney, where we are implementing more than 15 innovative technologies to deliver a better customer experience, optimising workforce productivity and wellbeing, and improving the building’s sustainability performance.

Our smart building solutions aim to provide advanced connectivity, including whole building cellular coverage which is future enabled for the arrival of the 5G network.

Data captured through sensors aims to provide rich insights into building performance and enable our customers to tailor their experience by controlling their workspace heating and cooling, or to understand how their space is being used to optimise their own workspace design.

The benefits of new technologies for our customers are wide-ranging.

In our smart buildings, customers will not only be able to enhance the productivity, wellbeing and safety of their employees, they will reduce energy consumption; all advantages that our customers can use to attract and retain talent.

SuiteX evolves flexible working

SuiteX is the next step in evolving Dexus’s suites strategy. This new workspace offer aims to satisfy the growing customer demand for flexibility by providing flexibility in both space and tenure.

At 44 Market Street, Sydney, Dexus has converted the space on Level 7 into ten flexible suites.

A unique modular design with demountable inter-tenancy walls, combined with flexible lease terms starting from as short as six months, allow customers to quickly expand or consolidate as needed.

Customers also have access to shared facilities including meeting rooms, quiet rooms and a fully equipped kitchen.

SuiteX enables customers to align their space needs with their business needs, providing a quality workspace which does not require the need for a long-term commitment.

It’s a natural extension of Dexus’s focus on partnering with customers throughout each step of their property journey.

Dexus keeps abreast of the latest workspace trends and is responding to increasing preferences for ‘plug and play’ or ‘work anywhere’ environments.

SuiteX leases start from as short as six months and allow you to grow or retract as needed within the space, with no costly fitout, complex contracts or long terms.

The ten BVN designed suites boast turnkey layouts with demountable modular wall systems, premium furniture by Living Edge, private and bookable meeting rooms, and are available for 6-20+ people in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

Future Enabled Customers - performance data

Dexus occupancy and retention

Occupancy by area      
Office 94.3 95.5 96.3  97.0 96.0
Industrial 93.1 91.7 91.7 96.6 95.7
Occupancy by income      
Office 94.6 95.3 96.3  97.2 98.3
Industrial 93.0 92.4 90.4 96.5 98.8
Office 61¹ 61 62 46 54
Industrial 41 53 32 74 48
  1. Excludes CPA properties.

Customer satisfaction

FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 FY18
Surveyed overall satisfaction with
Property Manager (score out of 10)
Office 8.0 8.0 8.1 8.0 8.3
Industrial 7.0 7.4 7.6 8.1 8.3
Total (average) 7.7 7.9 8.0 8.0 8.3
Target 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0
Net Promoter Score (between -100 and +100)          
Office +18 +28 +35 +31 +33
Industrial -7 -7 +6 +30 +28
Overall +10 +23 +28 +31 +32
Survey participation rate %      
Office 19% 33% 41% 45% 46%
Industrial 14% 25% 29% 27% 45%
Total (average) 18% 28% 37%  41%  46%

Green Leases

Take up of green leases within new agreements FY14
Office 81 82 91 90 97 
Industrial 58 45 57 55 68
Retail 93 98 95 88 100
Total portfolio 87 77 88 84 91

Dexus has incorporated a standard green lease clause into new leases across the portfolio and monitors the take-up of this clause by customers across each portfolio.