In a rapidly changing world, globalisation and technology are having an impact on the way businesses and people use space.

Understanding what the customer of the future may look like has helped Dexus identify ways that it can respond.

In 2017, Dexus Research undertook a study into the ‘customer of the future’ which mapped out what office tenants may look like in 20 years’ time. This study built on the Leading Insight paper published in 2012, “Where will office demand come from?”.

The study concluded that technology and the adoption of Millennial work practices would significantly change the ways corporates use office space.

Key characteristics of the customer of the future included: 

  • The high value placed on flexibility, whether in lease agreements or on the physical space they occupy 
  • The expectation of seamless technological connectivity and other services that go beyond space to be most productive 
  • The attraction to spaces that provide experiences to their employees

This body of research has created a framework from which Dexus can assess and plan for ways to respond to changing customer needs.

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Customer of the Future