WELL is the first evidence-based building standard to focus exclusively on the health and wellness of the people in buildings.

Customers are showing increased interest in WELL, with the requirement for WELL certified space has starting to appear in leasing briefs.


  • In FY16, Dexus registered its head office in Sydney for WELL Building Certification, the international standard which measures, certifies and monitors building features that impact wellbeing 
  • Recognising potential benefits for its customer such as attraction and retention of staff, as well as delivering on their CR&S goals, Dexus identified opportunities to implement WELL in the buildings it develops


  • Dexus registered 480 Queen Street, Brisbane for WELL Building Certification and its new development at 100 Mount Street, North Sydney
  • Dexus has upskilled in-house, with a WELL accredited professional appointed to the team to assist Dexus and its customers to implement the changes required to achieve the WELL certification 
  • Dexus has commenced measuring features that impact its employees’ wellbeing including air quality, natural light, acoustics, thermal comfort and active design 
  • As one of the property industry’s early adopters of WELL, Dexus is maintaining a competitive edge while aligning with its sustainability approach objectives of Thriving People, Enriched Environment and Leading Cities
As at 30 June 2016.