Dexus identified an opportunity to maximise resource recovery from office refurbishment.

Dexus approach   

  • Collaborated with Edge Environment and Better Buildings Partnership (BBP) to facilitate the diversion of de-fit waste from Governor Macquarie Tower1 at 1 Farrer Place, Sydney
  • Removed materials through cost-effective, structured demolition streams and sorted recycling on site

Value created

  • Recovered and re-purposed 8.5 tonnes of furniture to charitable organisations, enabling productive and creative workspaces
  • Recycled materials including glass into higher value glass fibre insulation and gypsum plasterboard to calcium and sulphur for farming applications
  • Captured and diverted materials from landfill, achieving an overall waste diversion rate of 61% with no additional costs
1. Governor Macquarie Tower is co-owned by Dexus, GPT Group and Lend Lease, founding members of BBP and managed by Dexus.