Located at One Margaret Street, Sydney, Dexus Place is an intelligently-designed, premium meeting, training and conference facility with the latest collaborative technology.


Dexus approach

  • Dexus undertook extensive market research which revealed that 70% of its customers experience a shortage of meeting and training rooms
  • Dexus collaborated with experts in workspace design and technology to design a purpose-built facility with every aspect responding to the expectations of customers
  • The facility provides video conferencing facilities, an auditorium which connects businesses with their whole company for ‘town halls’ and a 21 seat RealPresence Immersive Studio provided by Polycom, the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere

Value created

  • Dexus used its understanding of work trends, listened to its customers and utilised its property expertise to create a product that is specifically tailored to meet the need for businesses to have access to quality workspaces
  • Dexus intends to roll out a suite of facilities in prime CBD locations around Australia, with the second Dexus Place location to be launched at 385 Bourke Street, Melbourne in October 2015
  • With the launch of these new facilities Dexus can now provide workplace solutions for customers from one hour to 10 years