Dexus was again recognised as a sustainability leader in the 2015 Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

In this year’s survey, Dexus received a Climate Performance Leadership Award and scored a near-perfect score of 98/100 for disclosure and was awarded an ‘A’ for performance in carbon emissions management.

Dexus was also identified as the leading REIT and one of only five Australian companies represented in CDP’s Climate Performance Leadership Index (CPLI). The CPLI recognises those companies who can demonstrate through results that they are actively reducing emissions.

In addition Dexus is a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and maintains its commitment to invest responsibly and raise awareness of responsible investment with its stakeholders. In the 2015 UNPRI survey Dexus achieved an ‘A+’ perfect score for its overall approach to responsible investment and an ‘A’ score (48 out of 51) for its direct property management approach in the UNPRI survey.