Presentations and Webcasts

04 May 2016

Macquarie Australia Conference presentation

Dexus (Dexus) today releases the attached presentation to be presented at the 2016 Macquarie Australia Conference, which is being held at The Sheraton on the Park, 161 Elizabeth Street, Sydney.

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09 Mar 2016

IOF releases NOM and EM for Dexus Proposal

17 Feb 2016

HY16 Results Presentation

Dexus provides its 2016 Half year results presentation.

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18 Dec 2015

Dexus and IOF enter into Implementation Agreement presentation

Dexus refers to its announcement released to the ASX today concerning Dexus and IOF entering into an Implementation Agreement and provides the attached presentation.

18 Nov 2015

Morgan Stanley 14th Annual Asia Pacific Summit presentation

Dexus provides an overview presentation which will be used as a basis of discussion at the Morgan Stanley 14th Annual Asia Pacific Summit on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 November 2015 at the Mandarin Oriental in Singapore.

28 Oct 2015

2015 Annual General Meeting

Dexus will hold its AGM today at 2pm at Dexus Place and provides its Chair's and CEO's address and presentation.

22 Oct 2015

September 2015 quarter portfolio update and office insights tour

Dexus today announced an operational update across its property portfolio for the quarter ended 30 September 2015.

21 Oct 2015

ASX Investor Series presentation

12 Aug 2015

2015 Annual Results Presentation

06 May 2015

Macquarie Australia Conference Presentation

Dexus releases an overview presentation that will be presented at the 2015 Macquarie Australia Conference.

18 Feb 2015

HY15 Results Presentation

29 Oct 2014

2014 Annual General Meeting

21 Oct 2014

2014 Investor Day presentation

16 Oct 2014

Dexus presentation to ASX Investor Series

14 Aug 2014

2014 Annual Results Presentation

03 Mar 2014

2014 Global Property CEO Conference presentation

12 Feb 2014

HY14 Results Presentation

11 Dec 2013

Dexus Offer to acquire CPA presentation

11 Dec 2013

Dexus Offer to acquire CPA conference call

29 Oct 2013

2013 Annual General Meeting presentation