Capital Partners

Dexus provides transactions, development, leasing and property management services across the Australian office, retail, industrial and healthcare property sectors.

Dexus has joint partnership investments held 50/50 with:

  • The Dexus Office Partner in a $2.4 billion office partnership
  • The Australian Industrial Partner in a $0.3 billion industrial joint venture
  • The Dexus Industrial Partner in a $0.2 billion industrial partnership
  • The Dexus Australian Logistics Trust in a $0.4 billion industrial partnership

Dexus has joint investments in some properties in Dexus Wholesale Property Fund (DWPF), an unlisted $9.4 billion diversified wholesale fund.

Dexus also co-invests in the Healthcare Wholesale Property Fund, an open-ended $0.1 billion unlisted property fund, and manages investments on behalf of The Australian Mandate, a $2.1 billion diversified property mandate.

Dexus Office Partnership 5 Martin Place, Sydney

Dexus Office Partnership
$2.4 billion office partnership held 50/50 with Dexus


Australian Property Mandate 141 Walker St, North Sydney

Australian Property Mandate  
$2.1 billion diversified property portfolio


Dexus Industrial Partnership Blackwoods, 2 Bellevue Circuit, Quarry at Greystanes NSW

Australian Industrial Partnership
$0.3 billion industrial joint venture
held 50/50 with Dexus


Radius Street Larapinta Radius Estate, Larapinta QLD

Dexus Industrial Partnership
$0.2 billion industrial partnership
held 50/50 with Dexus