Periodic Statements Information as at 30 June 2017

Dexus, in compliance with the Corporations Act and Corporations Regulations, is required to send a Periodic statement to all security holders who are on the register at 30 June each year.

Periodic Statements provide information including the opening and closing balances of your investment, changes to your investment, management costs (including fees charged), the return on investment, as well as changes in circumstances that may affect your investment. Additional information relating to Management costs and Dexus's price performance is provided below.

Management Costs

Management costs are not charged directly to Dexus security holders, however they represent the total indirect cost incurred by Dexus security holders recognised by Dexus as an expense in its Income Statement for the period. They include costs such as registry, custody, accounting and other administrative costs. They do not include costs that would be incurred if an investor invested directly into Dexus's assets (e.g. development or property management fees).

A history of total other management costs is as follows:

30 June 2017
12 months
30 June 2016
12 months
Securities on issue 1,016,967,300 967,947,692
Total Other Management Costs ($m) 23.7 25.4
Other Management Costs per security ($) $0.02 $0.03
Total Other Management Costs for 1,000 units  $23.30 $26.24

Dexus's Price Performance

Set out below is a summary of Dexus's security price performance over the prior 12 months, based on ASX closing prices.

Date Closing price* Security price
% gain/loss
over prior 12 months
Investor $ gain/loss over
prior 12 months for an initial
investment of $1,000**
31 July 2016 $9.77 25.6% $312
31 August 2016 $9.72 31.9% $378
30 September 2016 $9.15 28.0% $341
31 October 2016 $8.94 15.5% $211
30 November 2016 $9.12 18.8% $244
31 December 2016 $9.62 28.3% $339
31 January 2017 $8.98 22.0% $277
28 February 2017 $9.44 25.4% $310
31 March 2017 $9.77 23.0% $284
30 April 2017 $10.20 21.1% $261
31 May 2017 $10.39 20.0% $248
30 June 2017 $9.48 5.1% $101

* Closing prices are adjusted for prior security consolidations
** Returns are based on end of month closing prices and any distributions that went ex over the prior 12 month period. They do not take into account any brokerage or other costs that an investor may incur, nor do they take into account any potential tax implications

Additional information regarding Dexus's financial and operational performance (including in relation to applicable investment objectives) is available in Dexus's financial statements for the period ended 30 June 2017 and the 2017 Annual Reporting Suite.

Tax statements are mailed each year in August. If you have not received your tax statement, please contact Link Market Services on 1800 819 675 or login to your security holding at to download your statement.

Dexus Funds Management Limited is a member of the Financial Ombudsman Service, an independent dispute resolution service. Click to view Dexus's complaints handling procedure.

Please contact Link Market Services on +61 1800 819 675 or if you require further details in respect to your holding in Dexus.