Corporate Policies - Work Health Safety and Liability Statement

At Dexus, we recognise we have a duty of care to our investors, tenants, employees, agents and the wider community to ensure all Work Health, Safety and Liability (WHS&L) risks in our property portfolio are appropriately managed.

To achieve this, we have implemented a comprehensive risk management system to ensure the effective management of WHS&L risks across the portfolio. Through this system Dexus:

  • acknowledges the health, safety and welfare of all employees while at work
  • seeks to provide a safe environment for all tenants and other persons entering Dexus buildings
  • acknowledges its responsibility to respect human rights and to avoid infringing on the human rights of others
  • develops, manages, monitors and implements tailored WHS&L risk management systems that address the hazards/risks associated with property management
  • requires properties to comply with current legislative and regulatory obligations, and identify and implement preferred best practice
  • strives to continually improve our WHS&L performance through effective consultation
  • ensures that all employees, tenants, agents, contractors and service providers are made aware of the impact of their actions on WHS&L, are appropriately trained and/or motivated to conduct their activities in a responsible manner and are compliant with, or exceed the requirements of all relevant WHS&L legislation
  • appropriately trains personnel and designates responsibility and resources to ensure we meet our WHS&L programs and obligations
  • actively promotes and develops initiatives, objectives and targets to improve the WHS&L performance of our portfolio and our impact on a safe and healthy environment
  • provides an effective Return to Work Policy which promotes the early, safe and durable return to gainful and meaningful employment for all injured employees
  • provides transparent monitoring, evaluation and reporting of our WHS&L performance
  • ensures that this Policy is available to the public, tenants, agents, contractors, service providers, suppliers and other stakeholders

We believe that teamwork is essential in everything we do. Therefore, while management plays a key role in creating a safe and healthy work environment, success can only be achieved when responsibility is shared between management, employees, tenants, contractors and service providers. 

Download the Work Health, Safety and Liability Statement PDF