Corporate Policies - Whistleblower Policy


Dexus is committed to a Whistleblower program that encourages, protects and supports the responsible reporting of incidents of fraud, corrupt conduct, questionable accounting and inappropriate behaviour.

Who does this Policy affect?

All employees of Dexus including temporary employees and contractors.

What happens if this Policy is breached?

Adhering to the Code of Conduct and Dexus Policies is a condition of employment.

Whistleblower program

To maintain a positive and productive work environment Dexus has implemented a Whistleblower program. One of the challenges we face is preventing loss caused by unethical, illegal and irresponsible acts.

Report possible inappropriate activity and breaches

An important part of the Program is the open and honest discussion of ethical issues.  We encourage employees to raise problems with their Manager. Should this not be possible for any reason,  employees are encouraged to raise their concerns  of possible breaches of law or procedure, irregularity, compliance issue, ethical issue or anything else considered of concern to the Group’s reputation with Risk & Compliance, People & Communities or our Statutory Auditors.

Dexus has also appointed an independent disclosure management service provider, Your-Call, to enable employees to report securely, anonymously and confidentially information about dishonesty, fraud, unsafe environments, unethical and other inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

Employees will not be disadvantaged or prejudiced as a result of making such a complaint or disclosure and anonymity will be maintained.

Employees may also be afforded protection (in certain circumstances) under the Corporations Act. Please refer to ASIC's INFO 52 for further information.


Employees can complete an online form on the Your-Call website at or make a report by calling 1300 798 101 between 7pm and 10pm AEST Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

To complete an online report, employees can log on to the “Your-Call” website and click on the “make a secure report” button.  Employees can then follow the prompts after entering Dexus’s ID: DEXU5000 and will be asked to supply information on an electronic form which is entirely confidential.  Employee identity and privacy will be protected.

The contribution of employees is vital to the success of the program.  Employees are the key to helping Dexus maintain its high standards.

Download the Whistleblower Policy PDF