Corporate Policies - Sustainable Procurement Policy

Dexus acknowledges our responsibility to ensure environmental, social and governance standards are maintained and continuously improved throughout our supply chain. We recognise that we can have a positive influence on our suppliers, contractors and their employees, products and services.

Dexus is also committed to ethically source products and services that seek to create shared value by ensuring that companies within our supply chain:

  • Comply with all legal requirements and standards
  • Reduce carbon emissions in line with Dexus’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2030 across all emissions sources within our operational control, including upstream and downstream emissions
  • Operate accordingly to sound environmental principles
  • Manage their people ethically, in line with Dexus’s commitment to the United Nations Global Compact towards upholding human rights and fair labour management practices
  • Drive positive supplier relationships
  • Consider the impacts of their activities on the social and environmental sustainability of the communities in which we operate

We ask all our suppliers to partner with us in building on our sustainability performance and delivering our Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) commitments and objectives.

This policy outlines our commitment to partnering with suppliers to responsibly source products and services. Additionally, we want to ensure Dexus’s Supplier Code of Conduct is met and expectations of all organisations within our supply chain are exceeded.

Download the Sustainable Procurement Policy PDF