Corporate Policies - Investor Communications

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The purpose of this policy is to outline Dexus’s approach to communications to current and potential investors in the listed securities of Dexus (collectively referred to as ‘investors’). Dexus is committed to:

  • Delivering high quality, timely and insightful investor communications
  • Ensuring investors have access to relevant information and are fully informed to make an investment decision



Dexus’s investor relations and communications strategy seeks to promote an informed market through timely, accurate and insightful communications. Dexus provides an open and on-going dialogue with investors, sell-side broker analysts, the investment community and other key stakeholder groups incorporating regulatory reporting, financial and operational performance as well as marketing. This contributes to Dexus securities achieving fair valuation.

Communication methods

Dexus’s investor relations and communications strategy encourages participation with investors through a wide range of communication methods:

ASX announcements and media releases

Dexus regularly releases announcements to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in relation to material matters such as transactions, equity and debt raisings, security issues and buy-backs, changes in key personnel, property valuations, earnings guidance and major leasing transactions. These releases ensure continuous disclosure and keeps the market informed on achievements relating to the Group’s strategy. Announcements are issued to the ASX and once confirmation is received that the information has been released, they are uploaded onto the Dexus website and IR App and distributed by email to registered investors, sell-side broker analysts and media contacts.

Media releases are issued for information that is not price sensitive and/or relates to the Funds Management business. Investors can register to receive these announcements by contacting

Annual and Half Year results presentations

Dexus provides a comprehensive reporting suite for annual and half year results which includes results presentations, annual/half-yearly reports, annual/half-yearly reviews, property synopses and ASX releases. Results presentation briefings (which include a question and answer session) are hosted at Dexus’s head office in Sydney and are attended by institutional investors and sell-side broker analysts. The presentation briefing is webcast to enable investors and the investment community to have access to the information.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM is an opportunity for all investors, particularly retail security holders, to hear first-hand about Dexus’s activities, performance and the business strategy as well as engage with senior executives and Board members.

The AGM is webcast and available on the Dexus website providing an opportunity for those who cannot attend in person to have access to the information.

The external auditor attends each AGM and is available to answer security holders’ questions regarding the conduct of the audits of the Trusts’ financial records and their Compliance Plans, as well as the preparation and content of the Auditor’s Report.

Dexus engages its Registry, Link Market Services, to conduct any security holder vote required at the AGM.

Dexus website

Dexus maintains a comprehensive website containing corporate, detailed property portfolio and leasing information together with current and historical announcements, results reporting, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) performance, Dexus Research publications, customer thought leadership articles (‘Prism’) and an investor portal with distribution and tax information.

Digital communication

Dexus maintains an IR app available for iPhone, iPad and Android users, providing provides security holders with instant access to corporate and stock information such as recent announcements, results reporting, research reports and historical distribution and tax details. Dexus has a corporate company page on LinkedIn which enables it to ‘push’ announcement and latest corporate news to its large network of Dexus followers.

Promotional material

Dexus produces a suite of profiles which outline the Group’s capabilities and expertise in the key areas of its business operations and includes case studies which are available on the Dexus website.

Investor/sell-side broker analyst meetings

Dexus proactively schedules regular meetings with existing and potential domestic and international institutional investors and sell-side broker analysts.  Dexus adopts a policy that ensures a record of the meeting is maintained on a customer relationship management system. Only those qualified may speak with current or potential investors, with training facilitated to ensure ongoing compliance with Dexus’s Continuous Disclosure Policy.

To ensure continued compliance with Dexus’s Continuous Disclosure Policy, blackout periods exist preventing the Investor Relations team and management from communicating with institutional investors and sell-side broker analysts. The blackout period commences in the lead up to the announcement of the results every six months following 30 June and 31 December.

Dexus also participates in international broker-hosted non-deal roadshows which enable access to potential investors and assist with deepening existing relationships with long term investors.

Property tours

Dexus hosts property tours on an ad-hoc basis for investors and sell-side broker analysts. Property tours provide an insight into the challenges, opportunities and successes of leasing, development and management of Dexus properties.


Investor enquiries relating to a security holding or change of address can be made to the Registry via the Infoline: 1800 819 675 or via email to Queries relating to Dexus can be made to the Dexus Investor Relations team: +612 9017 1330 or via email to Enquiries received from security holders are addressed in a timely manner in accordance with Dexus’s policies on the handling of enquiries and complaints.

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