Board Policies Selection and Appointment of Non-executive Directors

Dexus Funds Management Limited and Dexus Holdings Pty Limited share a common Board of Directors. The constitutions of both companies allow for up to ten members. At 30 June 2018, the Board comprised of eight members, seven of whom are Non-executive Directors and one Executive Directors (the CEO).

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Nomination of Non-executive Directors

At each Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Dexus Property Group, the Board aims to have approximately one-third of its Non-executive Directors retire, by rotation. Prior to the AGM, or at any other time that a casual vacancy arises, the Nomination Committee will recommend to the Board candidate(s) to fill any vacancy. In the case of a casual vacancy, and the Board having formed the view that the appointment would be in the best interests of all security holders, the Board may appoint the nominee who will stand for election at the next AGM. Security holders may also nominate a candidate in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules.

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