Board Policies Diversity & Inclusion Principles – Dexus Board and Senior Management

At Dexus we believe that decision-making is enhanced through diversity. Diversity means valuing an individual's right to identify with race, colour, gender, age, religious belief, ethnicity, cultural background, marital or family status, economic circumstance, human capacity, expression of thought and sexual orientation as well as their experiences, skills and capabilities to create a business environment that encourages a range of perspectives and fosters excellence in the creation of security holder value.

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We believe that diversity provides a competitive advantage and through diversity we make better decisions which create further value for security holders. We support and encourage diversity at all levels; the Board of directors, the senior management team and throughout our organisation. Culture and attitude are key elements for an inclusive approach to diversity. Neither mandated retirement ages nor quotas based on race, colour, gender or creed will guarantee changes in culture or attitude. We believe that merit is the key requirement for employee advancement. We do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, vilification and victimisation.

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