On 29 November 2017 we announced that we will implement the Capital Reallocation Proposal (Proposal) approved by Security holders at the Dexus 2017 Annual General Meeting held on 24 October 2017.

Under the Proposal, Dexus Industrial Trust and Dexus Operations Trust will each make a capital distribution of 17.21 cents per unit which will be automatically applied as a contribution of capital of 34.42 cents per unit to Dexus Office Trust.

Dexus confirms it remains satisfied that the Proposal is in the best interest of Security holders.

In addition, the class ruling described in the Notice of Annual General Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum was issued by the Australian Taxation Office on 8 November 2017, confirming the Australian taxation implications of the capital reallocation for Security holders.

The details for the implementation of the Proposal are as follows:

Record date: 5 December 2017
Implementation date: 6 December 2017

Letter dispatched to Security holders
confirming implementation has occurred:

6 December 2017


View the 2017 Notice of Meeting, the ATO Class Ruling and a FAQ for more information.

2017 Notice of MeetingPDF

ATO Class RulingPDF