Distribution Reinvestment Plan

Dexus Convenience Retail REIT has established a Distribution Reinvestment Plan (DRP) which, when in operation, provides security holders with a convenient method of reinvesting all or part of their distributions to obtain additional securities in the Group, without having to pay the cost of brokerage. The DRP is currently in operation.

DRP Overview:

Participation in the DRP is optional, but the registered address of your security holding must be in Australia or New Zealand. There is currently no minimum or maximum number of securities required for participation.

The Directors have the discretion to determine whether a discount will apply in respect of a particular distribution and, if so, the level of discount (subject to a maximum discount specified in the DRP rules of 10%).

Positive cash balances on DRP accounts are carried forward and applied to the next distribution paid by the Group.

Please click on the following links to view additional information about the DRP:

Distribution Reinvestment Plan Rules here.
Distribution Reinvestment Plan Q&A here.

DRP Participation:

Should a security holder wish to participate in the DRP, an election notice is to be completed, signed and lodged with our registrar, Link Market Services. Election notices are available from our registrar or here.

Dexus Convenience Retail REIT recommends security holders read the DRP rules carefully before determining whether or not to participate in the DRP.

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