Diversity and inclusion

Embracing diverse perspectives

Dexus values diversity and inclusion and believes diversity in all forms is good for our people, culture and customers. We know that diversity and inclusion help drive innovation, problem-solving and quality-decision making in Dexus.

At Dexus, we value diversity and inclusion across our organisation. We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply for roles at Dexus, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, Australian Veterans and people of all backgrounds.

Employer of Choice for Gender Equality

In 2020, Dexus was again recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA). Please download our latest WGEA compliance report here.

Our gender targets

Since reaching our initial gender diversity target of 33% female representation for senior leaders, we have set a new three-year 40:40:20 (40% men, 40% women, 20% either) target for senior management roles. Our Board remains gender diverse with 43% of our non-executive directors being female.

Our achievements include:

  • Gender pay equity in like-for-like roles
  • Flexible working embedded and utilised across the business
  • Continuation of superannuation payments to primary carers throughout their leave period to close the superannuation retirement gender gap.

Our commitment

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends across our recruitment, retention, promotions, succession planning, training and development practices. We also provide our leaders and managers with the tools to address unconscious bias, an important aspect of our journey to create a more inclusive culture. 

We see this commitment at all levels of the organisation

  • Our people and culture strategy has led to an engaged stable management team that is delivering consistent business results.
  • We are also building the next generation of leaders with ongoing internal career mobility, leadership development and training opportunities.
  • We encourage applicants from diverse backgrounds to apply for roles at Dexus.

Diverse perspectives

We recognise the value that diversity and inclusion brings to Dexus and also the property industry. Dexus, for example, actively promotes the benefits of gender equality and participates in both Dexus and industry-wide programs to increase the number of women in leadership, including Property Council of Australia initiatives such as the Property Male Champions of Change and 500 Women in Property program.


''Achieving gender equality is important for many reasons. Yes, it is 'fair' and 'the right thing to do', but it's also linked to performance. Our commitment in this area enhances our reputation, improves our culture and allows us to attract and retain talented employees.''

Alison Harrop
Chief Financial Officer - Dexus

Dexus is committed to diversity and inclusion in all its forms. We value what diversity brings to our people, culture and customers, knowing it helps drive innovation and quality decision-making at Dexus.

Dexus also actively participates in a range of industry and community-based activities and programs to help encourage, support and promote diversity and inclusion within the property industry and, more broadly, within Australian communities.

Property Council of Australia - Property Male Champions of Change

The Property Council established the Property Male Champions of Change in 2015 to drive greater gender equality in the historically male-dominated property industry and increase the number of women in leadership roles,

The Property Male Champions of Change is convened by Carol Schwartz AM, and brings together senior leaders across the property industry. Dexus CEO, Darren Steinberg, is an active and supporting member of the Property Male Champions of Change.

WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador

We recognise that pay equity is essential to superior organisational performance. In 2017, Dexus became a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador and our CEO signed the WGEA Pay Equity Pledge.

As a Pay Equity Ambassador, we help to drive change by playing a leadership role in their business community and to the broader public  In 2017, we reached gender pay equity in like-for-like roles. This was an important milestone for our business and we remain committed to maintaining this.

Property Council of Australia - 500 Women in Property

The 500 Women in Property program involves a personal commitment from Property Council members to champion women in their organisation or business sphere who they believe would benefit from further networking and professional development opportunities.

We remain committed to championing women in Dexus, the property industry and our business sphere. We continue to use our individual and collective leadership to increase gender equality with a focus on leadership, talent development, public advocacy and accountability with:

•           Inclusive leadership training

•           Full superannuation contributions during parental leave (paid and unpaid)

•           Opportunities to participate in both sponsorship and mentoring programs

•           Networking events.

LGBTI Inclusion

Launched in August 2019, the Dexus TRIBE network's aim is to foster a professional workplace that supports our people to feel at ease and thrive.

TRIBE does this by:

•           Creating an open and inclusive network for LGBTI+ employees

•          Attracting, developing and retaining LGBTI+ employees

•          Advocating on diversity issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity within the company/industry/community. 

TRIBE has a growing national membership of LGBTI+ and their allies from all levels and areas of the business.

Pride in Diversity Membership

TRIBE has partnered with Pride in Diversity(PiD), the national not-for-profit employer support program for LGBTI workplace inclusion. PiD publishes the Australian Workplace Equality Index (AWEI), Australia’s national benchmarking instrument for LGBTI workplace inclusion. Dexus intends to benchmark our efforts in LGBTI inclusion by making our first submission to the AWEI in 2020.

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