Diversity Principles

Dexus values its employees for their expertise and ability to carry out their responsibilities.

Dexus believes that decision making is enhanced through diversity, creating a business environment that encourages a range of perspectives and fosters excellence in the creation of security holder value. By diversity we mean an individual's race, colour, gender, age, creed, ethnicity, cultural background, economic circumstance, human capacity, sexual orientation and expression of thought.

Dexus believes that diversity is a competitive advantage that creates real value for its security holders and it supports and encourages diversity at all levels; in its Board of Directors, senior management team and throughout our organisation.

Dexus has a socially and culturally diverse workplace which helps create a culture that is tolerant, flexible and adaptive to the changing needs of our environment. Dexus also believe that an inclusive and diverse workforce will assist us to attract and retain the best people.

Dexus strives to create a workplace that is free from discrimination or harassment and we are committed to ensuring all our people have an equal opportunity to succeed. Dexus's Employee Code of Conduct sets out policies and guidelines that aim to ensure our employees meet the highest ethical and professional standards and it conduct regular training on our Code of Conduct.

Download Dexus's Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) Report for 2015-2016