Dexus set a target to reach 33% female representation on our board by 2015.  Dexus achieved this in 2014, and has continued to since to maintain and exceed our target.

Our industry benchmark is only 16.7%¹.

Women in Management

Dexus is proud that 34.4% of our Senior Managers are women, against the industry benchmark of 26.2%¹. We actively support diversity and ensure our approach internally and to the external market enables a diverse pool of applicants to continue our journey for a very diverse workplace.

Flexible Work Hours

Dexus actively caters for our employees work life balance, and where the business can accommodate flexible working hours or arrangements, we will actively support it.


During our recruitment process, Dexus actively seeks potential new employees outside the property industry, bring new values, ideas and methods to our business. We believe this makes Dexus a better company, learning from other industries and challenging the status-quo.

1 Source: WGEA Benchmarks for the 2014-2015 'L - Rental, Hiring and Real Estate Services' group.