A truly sustainable building not only addresses the environmental impact, but also the social impact on its community. That’s why Wellbeing is an important inclusion into the portfolio management for our customers.

This comes to life through a suite of health and wellbeing services, offerings and amenities within the buildings and across our community building portals. This is underpinned by five key themes: Mind, Body, Nutrition, Community and Environment, and implemented through community engagement, awareness and education, on-site initiatives, industry partnerships and building design.

Wellplace enhances the health and wellbeing of our customers by providing simple and easy access to a suite of health and wellbeing services, offerings and amenities within the building and across the Portal. To date, we have:

  • A range of boot camps, yoga, Pilates and mindfulness classes run weekly across the country;
  • We have partnered with Sydney City F45, A Healthy View and Urban Flow to provide our customers with exclusive discounts to memberships and programs;
  • To support a healthier journey to work, we have end-of-trip facilities in some of our buildings. This means customers can get access to bike racks, lockers, male and female showers and change rooms. A daily towel service, bike servicing and maintenance are also available in some of our managed buildings.

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We're helping to create healthy, enriched, productive communities.