A converged network for improved connectivity

What are we doing?

Dexus is partnering with Optus and Aruba Networks to trial a new infrastructure network in 45 Clarence St. The new network is called a converged network. This is the first of its kind in Australia and will 5G enable the building for 2020.

What is a converged network?

A converged network contains both Wi-Fi and cellular networks in one. A single device (WAP) will provide both secure and guest Wi-Fi services throughout the building. The WAP will be strategically places amongst floors and in common areas and will transmit cellular and with the option of corporate Wi-Fi coverage to ensure there are no black spots.

This service will be fully managed by Optus, however other Telco’s can access the infrastructure after the trial.

What is included in the trial?

As part of the trial, we will be testing the cellular coverage and guest Wi-Fi throughout the building. There is also the opportunity for tenants to sign up and consume secure corporate Wi-Fi. The Optus converge network is a resilient system and will enable connection certainty and high availability of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.

Free guest Wi-Fi will be available in common areas of the building (including the car park). Allowing your staff and guests to work freely in the lobby or at the lobby café and not relying on hot spotting from their phone.

Optus will install their latest mobile network infrastructure and provide 4G Plus – their fastest network ever! Please note that during the trial only Optus mobile customers have access to improved cellular coverage.

What difference will I see once the upgrade has taken place?

You and your guests will have access to the new guest Wi-Fi with download speeds of 120-150Mbps data per device. Allowing you to work freely from common area environments and not be restricted by cumbersome cable Internet or patchy hot spotting from your mobile phone.

If you are an Optus customer you will receive superior mobile phone coverage and connection throughout the entire building on Optus’s 4G Plus network.

When will the trial take place and for how long?

We are excited to announce that initial works will start within common areas of the building from mid-June. Most of the works that will be carried out will be in the base building and ceiling of the common areas. There will be minimal impact to tenants during this time.

As part of this upgrade we will also be replacing the cellular cones on each floor. These works are likely to be carried out during July. We will reach out to tenants to arrange access to their tenancy at a time that is convenient to them prior to works starting.

The estimate completion date of the infrastructure install is mid-September 2017, with the network ‘go live’ date shortly after.

The trial will last for 12 months (finishing approximately September 2018).

How can I get involved in the trial?

We are thrilled to inform you that all tenants will have the opportunity to consume these public services as well as offering tenants secure corporate and their own guest Wi-Fi within their tenancy.

Your tenancy can be completely wireless! Run your business from the cloud and reduce the amount of server space you have in your office. Operating your business using Wi-Fi will allow your staff to work more flexibly and facilitate collaboration within teams and with business partners.

Want to know more? Please click here to express interest in running your business cable free!

What happens after the trial?

All services (cellular coverage, corporate Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi services) to tenants and guests and the building will continue without interruption after the trial. All services will be fully managed by Optus.

The infrastructure will become available to other Telco providers to use after 12 months of the trial.

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