Hotel-Style Concierge

Like the experience of a five-star hotel, the concierge provides daily, personalised support and a point of contact for you and your guests in the building. The friendly and professional team is on hand to make restaurant and taxi bookings, arrange dry cleaning, accommodation, welcome guests and even offer you an umbrella on a rainy day. Our national search for the best concierge services ensures we deliver the best customer experience.

Building Security

Our national security arrangement allows us to cluster large office assets to access leading edge technology, flexible performance contracts and more efficient pricing. Building security is a  24/7 responsibility.

Customer Response Centre

Our dedicated customer response centre responds to tenant requests 24/7. Customers are able to log requests for a range of building related matters including additional security, cleaning, after hours air-conditioning, access cards and maintenance. The average response time is within one hour with most requests completed within one day.

Other Services