Corporate Policies - Human Rights Policy

DEXUS supports and respects the principles on human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 
  • DEXUS acknowledges the rights of its employees, contractors, tenants, investors and suppliers to:
    • freedom of expression
    • freedom of religious belief
    • freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity
  • DEXUS expects its key service providers and business partners to also respect human rights
  • DEXUS rejects child labour and expects its service providers and business partners to respect this basic tenet of human rights
  • DEXUS is committed to socially responsible procurement which takes into consideration human rights, as well as environmental, social and economic factor in its purchasing decisions
  • DEXUS acknowledges and respects Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander cultures
  • DEXUS is an equal opportunity employer promoting and valuing diversity in its workforce
  • DEXUS complies with relevant legislation applying to human rights including legislation addressing anti-discrimination and privacy

DEXUS will undertake appropriate risk assessment of human rights issues and monitor compliance with its Human Rights Policy both internally and by its keys service providers and business partners.

Should anyone suspect activity or behaviour that appears to contravene DEXUS’s Human Rights Policy, they are asked to contact:

General Manager – Compliance, Risk & Governance
DEXUS Property Group
PO Box R1822


who will investigate (or cause to be investigated) the allegations being made. Results of the investigation will be provided to the Compliance, Risk & Sustainability Committee which will determine the most appropriate escalation for this issues identified.

This policy is subject to annual review and was last approved by DEXUS’s Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion and Diversity Committee on 24 September 2015

Download the Human Rights Policy PDF