Well-connected, Prosperous and Supported Communities

Nurturing well-connected, prosperous and supported communities in and around our buildings.
Strong Communities


Dexus accepts that it has a social responsibility to invest in initiatives to strengthen communities. Dexus values having an open and honest and engaging relationship with the communities in which it operates and the mutual benefits this delivers.

The key objective of Dexus's community development activities is to actively support the community and allow Dexus to provide an important way for its employees to engage with the community.

Dexus has aligned its corporate community approach to focus on fundraising activities that contribute to the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation and like-minded charities around Australia. Some of the charities Dexus support includes Barnardo's, Sir David Martin Foundation, the Wayside Chapel, CREATE Foundation and The Station.

Dexus is also a proud member of the Property Industry Foundation.

What is a strong community?

Dexus develops strong communities focused on the health, prosperity and resilience of people and places, with its precincts enhancing the well-being, inclusiveness, convenience and safety of its customers and visitors. Dexus actively participates in helping at risk groups through financial support and volunteering and participate in community festivals and events encouraging collaboration and connecting with a broad range of people in and around buildings.

Dexus's approach

Dexus applies a focused management approach to community related engagement and risks. Actions undertaken to strengthen the communities within which Dexus operates include:

Embracing the community

  • Actively investing in the community through a corporate giving program that supports children's health and well-being and at risk community groups

Connecting with the community

  • Delivering the best experiences for Dexus's community precincts enhancing the well-being, inclusiveness, convenience and safety of customers and visitors
  • Creating positive and sustainable communities through support of local programs that benefit Dexus's properties' neighbourhoods and engage employees
  • Partnering with like-minded suppliers to align sustainability goals, manage supply chain risks and create opportunities for shared value

Investing in the community

  • Incorporating public domains and parks into developments to provide space for Dexus customers, city residents and visitors to meet, share experiences, relax and enjoy

Celebrating community

  • Leveraging festivals, city events and charity days to encourage and facilitate involvement from the local and visiting community

Key objectives

  • Dexus has established key business objectives addressing community-related material issues:
  • Enhance community engagement through employee volunteering that assists charities supporting children
  • Support charities and community organisations through facilitating events in its office foyers and within retail centres
  • Provide safe, productive work and recreation environments, with high standards of occupational, health and safety, security and indoor environment quality

FY17 commitments

  • Introduce a coordinated approach to community related services across the Dexus office platform through appointment of Community Managers across the Group’s office portfolio and the development of a community engagement strategy 
  • Position Dexus retail centres to be the ‘hub of the community’ through engagement with local community organisations and embedding community partnerships into key promotional activities
  • Improve the entertainment and leisure facilities at three Dexus managed shopping centres to reaffirm their position as community hubs 
  • Implement a Group procurement strategy and review supply chain risks to create shared value with key suppliers

Material issues

The most material community-related issues for Dexus are:

  • Health and safety: Dexus has a duty of care to ensure its properties are safe and have healthy working and recreational environments
  • Community investment: Dexus is a major stakeholder in the communities where it operates, investing in the community via corporate giving, community collaborations and investing in infrastructure for the benefit of communities

Personal Work health and safety

Dexus recognises its duty of care to investors, tenants, employees, agents and the community to manage work health, safety and liability (WHS&L) risks in its property portfolio. Dexus implements a safety management system that is certified against OHSAS 18001 to address WHS&L risks across the portfolio. It acknowledges human rights and seeks to provide safe environments for all tenants and other persons entering Dexus buildings.


Dexus's Corporate Responsibility, Inclusion & Diversity Committee (CRID) monitors and manages Dexus's community engagement programs. CRID reports directly to Dexus's People and Remuneration Committee and comprises business-wide representatives.

The Committee annually reviews the community engagement strategy. It is responsible for maintaining regular contact with charity partners and implementing the community approach across the business. The Committee also sets and tracks performance against annual targets, collating the value and benefit to community of its corporate responsibility program.