Shaping Australia's Cities

Playing a leading role in shaping Australia's cities for competitiveness and as desirable places to work and live.
Leading Cities


Dexus takes an active role in contributing to the Australian cities in which it operates. Dexus manages a portfolio of high quality offices located in key CBD capitals and is the largest manager of office property in Australia. Dexus engages with local authorities to achieve the best outcomes for its customers and the wider community, enhancing the permeability and vibrancy of precincts through activation of retail areas, office lobbies and laneways, and connecting people with places.

What is a Leading City?

Leading cities harbour a range of business and recreational activities to create vibrant, stable and safe environments. They provide activated streetscapes where buildings connect seamlessly with the public domain and places for the community to connect and interact. Leading cities are liveable cities that foster buzzing culinary scenes, laneway cultures and festivals, provide diversified retail, offer green space and public spaces, and are serviced by efficient transport systems. Leading cities support economic growth through attracting investment and talent.

Dexus's approach

Dexus applies a focused approach to shaping Australia's cities for competitiveness and as desirable places to work and live through:

  • building symbiotic city partnerships
  • creating vibrant cities
  • contributing to sustainable cities
  • showcasing cultural destinations
  • developing innovative, connected city spaces

FY17 Commitments

  • Build collaborative relationships with government at local and state levels to shape Australia’s cities for competitiveness and as desirable places to work and live
  • Continue a three year program completing in 2018 to improve the permeability and vibrancy of CBD precincts through the redevelopment of nine city retail spaces in and around the ground floor plane of Dexus’s CBD office properties, including lobbies and laneways
  • Complete the addition of 5,000sqm of public space through the completion of Dexus office developments in Sydney in FY17
  • Identify childcare eligible space within the Dexus portfolio to expand the availability of childcare centres in the CBD, providing working parents with more flexibility when managing career and family obligations

Material issues

Dexus has identified the material issues of community contribution and sustainable procurement as key issues that reflect priorities for Dexus's stakeholders and its business and relate to its sustainability objective of Leading Cities.

  • Dexus engages with the community through corporate social responsibility programs and providing spaces servicing the wider community.
  • Dexus effectively manages supply chain risks in relation to environmental, social and governance issues and identifyies opportunities to create value in partnership with