Enabling Flexibility, Productivity and Growth

Preparing our customers for the future through enabling flexibility, productivity and growth.
Future Enabled Customers


As part of its commitment to customer service and innovation, Dexus offers destinations that support its customers' businesses and enhance employee engagement.

Dexus has more than 4,500 tenants and customers in its office, industrial and retail portfolio. Tenants vary in size from small businesses to major corporate and government organisations:

  • Office - major corporate tenants such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Rio Tinto, Deloitte Services, IBM Australia Limited, local, state and federal governments
  • Industrial - some of the world's leading brands such as Wesfarmers Limited,
  • Retail - major retailers such as Myer, David Jones, Big W, Target, Kmart, Woolworths and Coles

What are future enabled customers?

Dexus recognises that in a changing world the expectations and needs of customers are rapidly evolving. It is able to offer agile office space solutions for flexible usage from minutes to years, just-in-time to cater for immediate needs and rapidly scalable for future expansion. There is a need to nurture small business by developing collaborative workspaces to support the smaller business market and start ups.

In order to enhance the whole value chain Dexus is creating sustainable infrastructure for commerce to support customer needs, making connections to their vast social and business requirements. This expanded customer offering along with an enriched working environment both in and around their tenancies will enhance the whole customer experience and liveability within Dexus's properties.

Dexus's future enabled customers will experience the best customer experience in Australian real estate.

Dexus's approach

Dexus seeks to provide a coordinated, integrated customer experience. Dexus's customer experience strategy and customer service charter are focussed on enhancing the tenant experience to maintain high levels of tenant satisfaction. The strategy aims to exceed customer expectations and create brand loyalty that underpins superior asset and portfolio performance.

Dexus's framework is based on:

  • delivering exemplary customer experiences
  • creating flexible, on-demand tenant space solutions
  • nurturing small business
  • enhancing its value chain

Engaging with customers

Dexus undertakes a number of initiatives designed to engage with tenants to provide regular, open feedback. It uses this feedback to assist in determining the issues that are most material to them and to provide insights to keep customer service and property performance on the right track.

Dexus engages with tenants and customers in a number of ways in its office, industrial and retail sectors, including:

  • Tenant surveys
  • Tenant sustainability forums
  • Tenant and centre newsletters
  • Risk management activities including building evacuation procedure awareness and drills
  • Regular tenant meetings
  • Social events
  • Green Building Committees with tenant representation in our major office properties
  • Direct contact with Dexus facilities and WHS&E contacts
  • Dexus Response Centre for office and industrial properties
  • Tenant portals and property microsites

Dexus takes a continuous improvement approach to the environmental performance of its buildings to reduce energy and water consumption and carbon emissions, and provide optimal working environments. This assists tenants to meet their own sustainability objectives and priorities by providing properties that are designed to the highest sustainability standards. Tenants directly benefit via reduced costs through resource consumption efficiencies and productivity improvements from healthier working environments.

FY17 commitments

  • Expand Dexus’s online tenant portal to all Dexus managed office properties, creating a virtual eco-system for networking and commerce 
  • Introduce a fourth Dexus Place to meet the demand for state-of-the-art premium meeting, training and conference amenity and enable flexibility, creativity and productivity for our customers
  • Deliver an endorsed digital engagement strategy across our retail websites and social media platforms, focused on creating meaningful content that drives community participation and engagement 
  • Provide greater flexibility for our customers through a package of options including shorter term leases, expanded suites strategy for larger occupiers, and wider adoption of the short form lease across the Office and Industrial portfolio

Material Issues

Material issues relating to our customers include:

  • Market volatility: Market volatility risks affecting retail, office and industrial leasing including balancing supply and demand and absorption of new spaces, which may affect leasing terms, rents and vacancy rates
  • Tenant attraction, satisfaction and retention: Engagement with tenants and the quality of service they receive may impact Dexus's ability to attract and retain tenants, and influence the terms of their lease agreements
  • Health and safety: Dexus has a duty of care to ensure its properties are safe and have healthy working and recreational environments
  • Community investment: Dexus is a major stakeholder in the communities where it operates, investing in the community via corporate giving, community collaborations and investing in infrastructure for the benefit of communities

Work health and safety

Dexus recognises its duty of care to its customers to manage work health, safety and liability (WHS&L) risks in its property portfolio. Dexus implements a safety management system that is certified against OHSAS 18001 to address WHS&L risks across the portfolio. It acknowledges human rights and seeks to provide safe environments for all tenants and customers entering Dexus buildings.

Tenant involvement is critical for ensuring a safe and productive workplace environment. Dexus consults with tenants to identify, assess and mitigate workplace hazards/impacts, review risk processes, introduce or change monitoring procedures and propose changes to premises, work systems, plant or substances used.

Additional information is available in Dexus's Tenant and Customers Disclosures on Management Approach.