Sustainability Approach

Dexus considers corporate responsibility and sustainability an integral part of its daily business operations. Committed to understanding, monitoring and managing social, environmental and economic impact Dexus aims to demonstrate these responsibilities through measurable actions and within corporate policies.

Dexus's sustainability approach continues to evolve to respond to new perspectives. Dexus revised its sustainability approach, after consultation with internal and external stakeholders, to embrace the broader ecosystem in which it operates.

Dexus's revised sustainability approach is aligned with its strategy through its overarching goal of delivering "Sustained Value". This is achieved through the key themes of:

  • Connectivity - using technology to enable connectivity between people and places and smart operations of Dexus's business and buildings
  • Liveability - creating vibrant, inspiring and flexible work places which enhance productivity and foster the well-being of employees and customers
  • Resilience - increasing resilience so that buildings and spaces are adaptive and customers and Dexus can prosper long term

This approach has five key objectives which retain their alignment with Dexus's stakeholders: People, Community (incorporating suppliers), Environment, Customers, and introduces Cities as a new focus area.

FY17 commitments have been developed for each of the key objectives and are detailed in Objectives.

Our five key objectives are aligned to our stakeholders and include:

  • Future Enabled Customers - Preparing our customers for the future through enabling flexibility, productivity and growth
  • Strong Communities - Nurturing well-connected, prosperous and supported communities in and around our buildings
  • Leading Cities - Playing a leading role in shaping Australia's cities for competitiveness and as desirable places to work and live
  • Enriched Environment - Optimising the environmental performance and resilience of our buildings
  • Thriving People - Enhancing the well-being of our people and those in our properties

Dexus is a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment and is committed to investing responsibly and raise awareness of responsible investment with its stakeholders. In 2016 Dexus achieved an 'A+' perfect score for its overall approach to responsible investment and an 'A' score (48 out of 51) for its direct property management approach in the UNPRI survey.