Integrating CRS

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An integrated sustainability management approach

Dexus integrates management of environmental, social and governance issues across the property life cycle providing consistent governance for our direct portfolio and across our funds and mandates.

Effective sustainability management is achieved by taking a systematic approach that links our strategy and vision to our performance outcomes by establishing policies and governance frameworks, setting targets and embedding these into day-to-day operations, as follows:

Integrating CRS

Strategy and vision

As a sustainable property group, Dexus champions corporate responsibility and sustainability outcomes throughout our value chain through the responsible management of our property portfolio and our role in the broader ecosystem in which we operate.

Dexus’s sustainability approach is intrinsically linked with our strategy and vision “to be globally recognised as Australia’s leading real estate company” with the overarching goal to create “Sustained Value” for our people, customers, communities, cities and the environment, and positively influence our collective connectivity, liveability and resilience.


Dexus’s Board and Corporate policies encapsulate our strategy and vision inform all stakeholders of their legal and corporate responsibilities across all issues including the management of environmental, social and governance issues.


Dexus sets measurable performance targets across its key stakeholder groups in line with its strategy, and drives ethical and responsible performance in all areas of its operations. Dexus’s commitments are based on material issues which have the greatest impact on its stakeholders across its Sustainability Approach.

Dexus’s FY17 commitments are reported within our FY16 Annual Report.


Dexus integrates ESG management practices within day-to-day operations to enhance corporate performance and protect the interests of key stakeholders.

Environmental issues

Environment Dexus’s Environmental management approach describes how Dexus targets and achieves high environmental performance standards, develops sustainable properties, collaborates to increase sustainability awareness, and effectively manage environmental risks for community health and well-being and to preserve the environment.

Social issues

Customers and Community Dexus’s Customers and Community management approach describes how Dexus collaborates with customers and the community to deliver a superior customer experience, provide innovative sustainability solutions, and deliver on social sustainability goals including health and wellbeing.
People and Culture Dexus’s People and Culture management approach describes how Dexus develops an engaged and motivated workforce by developing people, rewarding achievement and providing a safe and enjoyable place to work.
Supply Chain Dexus’s Supply Chain management approach describes how Dexus partners with suppliers to achieve operational efficiencies, tenant and customer comfort, and positive environmental, social and governance outcomes.

Governance issues

Governance Dexus’s Governance management approach describes how Dexus integrates our corporate governance framework and sustainability approach to managing ESG related issues.


Performance outcomes

Within our annual Performance Pack, Dexus reports on its performance across the key objectives within our sustainability approach. Dexus also reports on its material issues in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 requirements.

Dexus measures our sustainability success through:

Achievement of annual corporate commitments

Sustainability benchmark rankings

  • Dexus reports under the following global sustainability benchmarks achieving the following results in FY17:

CRS FY16 achievements

Refer to our Recognition and Awards list for further sustainability-related recognition.

Sustainability Index Membership

In 2016 Dexus (DXS) is recognised as a constituent of:

  • DJSI World, Asia-Pacific & Australia Indices
  • FTSE4GOOD index series
  • MSCI Global Sustainability Index Series
  • Vigeo Euronext Vigeo World 120 index
  • STOXX® Global ESG Leaders index