22 Oct 2015

September 2015 quarter portfolio update and office insights tour

01 Oct 2015

Settlement of Waterfront Place Complex, Brisbane

Dexus and DWPF settle on the acquisition of Waterfront Place and Eagle Street Pier, Brisbane

29 Sep 2015

Sale of 36 George Street, Burwood at premium to book value

Dexus (Dexus) today announced that the Dexus Office Partnership, in which Dexus has a 50% interest, has entered into an agreement to sell 36 George Street, Burwood.

31 Aug 2015

2015 Annual reporting suite

Dexus today released its 2015 Annual reporting suite. This includes: - 2015 Dexus Annual Review - 2015 Dexus Annual Report

12 Aug 2015

2015 Annual Results Presentation

Dexus provides its 2015 annual results presentation.

12 Aug 2015

2015 Annual Results Release

Dexus provides its results for the 12 months ended 30 June 2015.

22 Jun 2015

Dexus and DWPF acquire Waterfront Place & Eagle Street Pier

18 Feb 2015

HY15 Results Presentation

16 Jan 2015

Dexus settles on the acquisition of Lakes Business Park, Botany

Dexus today announced the settlement of the $153.5 million acquisition of Lakes Business Park, 2-13 Lord Street, Botany.